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Take control with INSPECH and make informed decisions like never before

About us

is a leading software provider for digital road inspections and efficient road maintenance. BRAINCREATORS and UNIHORN founded Inspech to meet the growing demand for digital inspection solutions and sustainable road infrastructure.

At INSPECH, we believe in using technology to improve the lives of our customers. By delivering software that streamlines the road inspection process and assists human inspectors, we make inspections faster, more consistent, and more cost-efficient. This benefits both the environment and public safety, while reducing the burden on our limited human expertise.

BRAINCREATORS, specializing in applied Artificial Intelligence, directly impacts the future of work by offering digital inspection products to solve the growing problem of human domain expert scarcity. UNIHORN, is committed to improving infrastructure and public space in the Netherlands.

At INSPECH, we are dedicated to providing top-notch products and services that positively impact customers and the environment. So join us on our mission to create a safer and more sustainable future.