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Frequently Asked Questions

INSPECH Insights

Why INSPECH Insights

Why do I need INSPECH Insights? We often see pavement owners and managers struggle with either too much or too little data, making it unnecessarily difficult to get the insights they need to keep the road network available and reliable.

INSPECH Insights visualizes your road inspection data in such a way that it becomes clear what the next steps are in maintaining the road’s condition. 

INSPECH Insights aims to enrich existing Asset Management Systems and local Pavement Management Systems. It facilitates and improves the pavement manager’s workflow.
How does INSPECH Insights work? INSPECH Insights makes it really easy for you to view your road inspections, and identify what to repair, when to plan it, at what cost (coming soon).
Who should use INSPECH Insights? INSPECH Insights is dedicated for pavement owners and road maintenance parties. 

Check out FAQ - INSPECH Assessment  to learn more about collaboration with specialized road inspection companies.
What ‘insights’ does the product offer? The whole product is to support you keeping your road network available and reliable. 

  • First of all, by digitizing your roads, you have a detailed visual representation - a ‘digital twin’ - of the whole network, with the ability to zoom in to pixel level;

  • Next to that, road defect types and severities can be viewed and filtered per section, and on a map and in tabular view;

  • It is possible to view and filter the road’s condition and expected road maintenance expectancy per section (typically 100 meter but any size is possible);

  • For any defect or group of defects, you can derive insight in the required measures and costs associated with that;

  • Coming soon - You will have the ability to compare inspections so that you can derive the rate of deterioration on your roads.
How is INSPECH Insights using AI technology? INSPECH Insights doesn’t rely on AI technology to provide you with a digital twin of your roads. It does use algorithms to optimize workflows in the background. For our partners that perform the inspections we use AI to assist them in identifying distresses, which is saving them a huge amount of time.
How will INSPECH Insights help me save money? By having up to date insights in the ‘digital twin’ of your road network, it becomes much simpler to make decisions on maintenance planning with the ‘best bang for the buck’. By fixing certain distresses sooner rather than later, the costs of major maintenance can be postponed considerably - as well as the lifetime of the road is extended.
What are the benefits of INSPECH Insights, in a nutshell?
  • Effective and interactive insights, allowing an up-to-date view on the network instead of a static PDF report;

  • Ability to share reports online, with anyone who has access to a browser;

  • An optimized interface, specifically for the needs of pavement owners.
How does INSPECH Insights help me manage repairs and costs? INSPECH Insights offers concrete reports to see per distress the type and severity. We are currently implementing the capability to determine the required measure, and what the related costs should be. This is helpful in multiple ways:

  • it becomes easier to justify budget requests;

  • It helps in the communication and negotiation with your stakeholders and road maintenance contractors;

  • The insights help move away from an operational ‘worst comes first’, towards a more strategic and effective impact for your budget. 
Do you provide accredited road inspection services or expertise? INSPECH provides the most insightful software for road owners and comes with a network of specialized partners to execute road inspection services. These partners can work with INSPECH to help gathering data or execute inspections.
Do you have reference customers or case studies? INSPECH has customers across the globe, from Chili to Malaysia. There are also several Case Studies available via the website.
Is INSPECH Insights a full Pavement Management System? INSPECH Insights should be considered as a solution coexisting with your PMS to make one aspect of pavement management - the process of preparing road maintenance and reviewing inspections - simpler.
How does INSPECH Insights fit in with my existing pavement or asset management tools? INSPECH Insights allows data exchange via common spread sheet formats, such as .csv or .xlsx files, and shapefiles.
Do I have to purchase or install software on my computer? INSPECH products are provided via subscription as a SaaS product. This means it is based on a cloud service. You can access it from anywhere, as long as you have access to an internet connection.
Can you help me make a business case to get approval for an INSPECH subscription? Yes we can! Do not hesitate to contact us. We have the enough real-world cases and materials to make your business case sound.

Inspection reports

Where can I find my road inspection report? Most commonly, you will receive an accredited road inspection report via your inspection company, delivered in your INSPECH Insights environment. Once accepted, you can start working with the report and download it.
What types of inspection are supported by INSPECH Insights?

INSPECH Insights uses visual inspections only, meaning the identification of distresses from images acquired by cameras. By nature, the inspections are detailed visual inspections. You can use the inspection data as input for global (a.k.a. coarse) visual inspections as well. 

Are the inspections compliant with local standards? We support PCI as the primary detailed visual inspection standard. For The Netherlands, we also support CROW as the visual inspection standard. 
Can an external inspection company provide the data for INSPECH Insights? Yes, it is possible to invite an external inspection company or we can connect you. 

Plans and subscriptions

If I sign up, what happens next? You will receive a confirmation email, and after 2 days we will provide your account details. After that, you can immediately start a new inspection. 
Who can I contact for help with my subscription? Please contact support@inspech.com
How many users are supported per subscription? By default, the maximum number of users per subscription is 5, as long as they are part of your organization. In case you need more user accounts, please contact us. 
How do I cancel my subscription? For cancellations please contact us via support@inspech.com. You may cancel at any time with a 30 day notice. A cancellation does not prohibit you from subscribing again in the future. It is possible to request an export of your data before cancellation. 
How can I renew my subscription? Your subscription will be automatically renewed monthly or annually, depending on the payment scheme you chose.
What payment methods are there? As most road owners are government bodies we use payment by invoice for now. You will receive an invoice through email with a 14-day payment term.
How many kilometers of road can I inspect in the base subscription? The INSPECH base subscription offers the capacity to inspect up to 500 km lanes (±300 mile). This is based on the number of Gigabytes (350 GB) of data that is required to process and store this distance. The exact distance therefore depends on the image resolution used during inspection.
How many inspections can I do with my subscription? The number of inspections depends on the number of kilometers or miles per inspection and the amount of data storage required. This is mainly determined by the number of images and the image size.
How can I increase the number of kilometers or miles in my subscription? In principle, you do not have to take any action yourself. You will automatically receive a notification before you reach the limit. Based on Fair Use Policy, we charge costs for additional data storage and data processing. The exact, volume-based price models for extra kilometers have been calculated fairly and are available to our customers.

You can optionally choose to free up data storage by deleting inspection projects. However, one of the advantages of working with INSPECH is that inspections can be compared with each other to gain insight into the deterioration of the road surface within a certain period. By deleting inspections to free up data storage, you also remove the historical context that is required for these comparisons.
What is a ‘lane km’? What is a lane mile? A highway or road may comprise multiple lanes over its length. INSPECH captures images of single lanes at a time. If the road has multiple lanes, then scans are required for each. For example, if a 100km length of road has two lanes on each carriageway, then there are 400 lane kms.
Can I always access my data? Yes. The data belongs to you and you have continuous access to the data in INSPECH. If you decide to end your subscription, you can request for an export of your data. 


Where can I find Support documentation? After sign up, we will provide you with a link to our support portal. 
Do you have a Getting Started guide? Yes we do! You can find all kinds of guides and articles via our Support Portal.
Do you offer training? Yes. We offer one hour trainings via video conference, or custom trainings to meet your needs. Contact us for possibilities.
I need help, how do I contact INSPECH? Please contact us via support@inspech.com