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Mar 13, 2024 11:22:00 AM2 min read

Software solutions should serve you, not the other way around

The Ultimate Guide to Digitally Assisted Road Inspection, Blog 3/5

Using a digital road inspection tool that automates the workflow of operating, maintaining and improving pavement management sounds like the holy grail? Well, it is, or can be, but as with all IT systems, you need to find an InfraTech solution that meets all your needs. Be careful not to buy a system that adds extra work or unnecessary processes to your daily activities.

Improve your workflow management

A great workflow management system is designed to significantly improve the inspection process, from data collection, to inspection, to reporting, to insight and next best action (also known as performance-based planning).

At its core, the ultimate system transforms traditionally time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks into streamlined processes.

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Improve inspection processes

The moment the data is uploaded, a good digital road inspection solution springs into action. It automatically creates an interactive digital twin on an interactive digital map, eliminating the need for tedious manual mapping and digitization.

But it goes far beyond simple digital replication. It intelligently categorizes, organizes and structures the collected data and presents it in a way that facilitates rapid analysis and decision-making, tailored for professional users.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide you with the best insights and lay the foundation for your long-term performance plan. The use of AI is secondary here, but it can be a great help in speeding up the inspection process.

Improve expertise

What’s more, by digitizing processes, road inspectors can focus on priorities that require their specialized, high-value skills, rather than being distracted by boring, repetitive manual work. The result? An inspection process that not only benefits from the speed, accuracy and consistency of automation, but also respects and enhances the role of human expertise. It also means taking into account the uncertainties that arise so that you can build a future-proof approach that is flexible enough to deal with change (which is sure to come).

Some offer the bare necessities, others more...

To address this, you need an asset management approach that is computationally efficient and takes uncertainty into account.

INSPECH Assessment allows road inspectors to focus on their expertise rather than being distracted by tedious, repetitive manual work. The result? An automated process that not only benefits inspection speed, accuracy and consistency, but also respects and enhances the role of human expertise and safety.

Workflow automation within INSPECH Assessment is the driving force behind transforming road inspection into an effective collaboration between human intelligence and cutting-edge technology. 


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