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Apr 10, 2024 3:45:33 PM

INSPECH and AECOM work together to improve road accessibility in Australia

Amsterdam, April 9, 2024 - INSPECH announces a collaboration with AECOM to introduce its digital road inspection solution to Australia. This collaboration aims to make road condition assessments in Australia more streamlined and improve overall efficiency. AECOM operates worldwide in the design, construction, consulting and management of infrastructure projects.

The first project AECOM and INSPECH are working on is Transport for New South Wales' Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Flood Evacuation Road Resilience program. The goal of this program, started in 2023, is to improve the flood resilience of key evacuation routes, especially during localized flash floods. This will allow these routes to stay open longer, allowing more people to evacuate safely, and keep the road network accessible during smaller flood events.

As part of this detailed work, the AECOM team conducted extensive research into the development of concept designs. This process included the implementation of innovative alternative survey methods, such as the Visual Condition Survey using AI tools (non-intrusive methodology) and the use of the INSPECH platform to assess and sketch pavement condition according to AI maintenance levels. These methods have provided clear images of cracks in the road surface in transverse, longitudinal and alligator cracks.

AECOM uses INSPECH, our digital road inspection solution with a GoPro camera mounted on the back of a vehicle, to quickly capture high-quality images of the road surface. These images are integrated into digital maps, creating an interactive, geo-referenced digital twin. INSPECH significantly speeds up inspections, allowing inspection teams to inspect more miles of road surface in a shorter time, increasing productivity and reducing project times. In addition, using INSPECH from the vehicle reduces the risk of accidents, especially when inspecting in hazardous or crowded environments. In addition, the inspector can be assisted for visual inspection by the digital inspector to make recommendations on where (and which) defects occur on the road using AI, allowing problematic areas to be addressed quickly. 


"INSPECH has resulted in cost savings and time savings by speeding up and improving the inspection process, leading to minimal traffic disruption and improved collaboration between stakeholders," said Carlos Solis-Navarro, Principal Pavement Engineer at AECOM. "Thanks to INSPECH, we can work more effectively on infrastructure access in Australia."

Glenn Brouwer, co-founder and CRO at INSPECH, said, "Our partnership with AECOM marks an important milestone for INSPECH. We are excited to be able to leverage our advanced technologies to transform the road inspection and infrastructure management industry in Australia. Together, we will help improve the safety and accessibility of Australia's road network."