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Road inspection and maintenance

infrastructure for everyone.

We have revolutionized the way road assessment and road maintenance are conducted, offering two distinct yet synergistic products that redefine efficiency, collaboration, and decision-making in the industry:

INSPECH Assessment
For road inspectors

INSPECH Insights
For road asset managers

Why INSPECH is unrivalled.

While technology and AI augmentation are integrated, they don't replace the invaluable knowledge inspectors bring to the table. This human-centric approach ensures that the platform respects and amplifies the roles and judgments of your professionals.

INSPECH is created with road inspectors, for road inspectors. This intrinsic alignment with the needs of the inspection process fuels a profound understanding of the challenges and nuances that inspectors and asset managers face daily.

The expertise-driven development of INSPECH ensures that every feature, every workflow, and every nuance is tailored to address the practical realities of road inspection. Road inspectors' insights and experiences were channeled into the platform's DNA, resulting in an interface that reflects an intimate grasp of the field's dynamics. INSPECH is a tool that resonates with their workflow, understands their pain points, and offers tailored solutions that streamline their tasks.

All data is yours 

All data is yours 

The ownership of all data underscores our commitment, ensuring that all information generated or collected within INSPECH is exclusively owned by you, offering transparency, control, and security in managing vital insights for informed decision-making in the road inspection and maintenance industry.

Service On Demand 

SaaS On Demand 

INSPECH introduces a flexible approach to road maintenance, offering swift and tailored solutions to address maintenance needs precisely when they arise in the road inspection industry, streamlining operations and minimizing disruptions.

Accessible pricing

Accessible pricing 

Our accessible pricing model ensures that cost-effective solutions are readily available, enabling road inspection and maintenance entities to leverage high-quality services without straining their budgets, fostering efficiency and affordability within the industry.

Enriched by Artificial intelligence  

Enriched by Artificial intelligence  

Enriched by Artificial Intelligence, INSPECH empowers the road inspection and maintenance sector with advanced analytics and automation, augmenting inspection processes and operational efficiency through intelligent data processing.

Collect data anywhere anytime 

Collect data anywhere anytime 

INSPECH users can collect their own data anytime, anywhere, with the simplicity of a GoPro camera. This autonomy empowers road professionals to capture critical information about their road assets effortlessly, leading to cost-efficient, data-rich assessments.

Interactive digital twin  

Interactive digital

This feature revolutionizes the road inspection and maintenance industry by providing a dynamic and virtual replica of your road networks, integrating data in layers to enhance decision-making, optimize maintenance strategies, and ensure optimal road conditions.

A new standard for

INSPECH fosters a level of collaboration between stakeholders that is truly transformative.

Collaboration is key

|  Stakeholder Engagement
By engaging clients, civil engineering companies, and users of INSPECH Assessment within a unified platform, INSPECH promotes transparency and inclusivity. All stakeholders have access to the same data and insights, ensuring a shared understanding of road conditions and maintenance priorities.

|  Streamlined Communication
With assessment reports and data readily available in INSPECH Insights, communication between road owners and engineering companies is streamlined. Clients can provide feedback, ask questions, and approve reports seamlessly, reducing the back-and-forth exchanges typically associated with traditional inspection processes.

|  Accountability and Oversight
The approval process adds an essential layer of accountability and oversight. Clients have the authority to approve or request revisions to the assessment report, ensuring that their interests and priorities are upheld. This accountability reinforces trust and confidence in the process.

|  Efficiency
Ultimately, this collaborative approach enhances the efficiency of the entire road inspection and maintenance cycle. Road owners can make decisions faster, and engineering companies can carry out maintenance actions promptly, minimizing road downtime and enhancing road safety.

Created with road professionals, for road professionals.

Experience the future of road inspection.

INSPECH Assessment

Redefining workflow automation

Efficiency meets expertise with INSPECH Assessment, an advanced digital inspection tool designed with unwavering dedication by road inspectors for road inspectors. Engineered to streamline the inspection process, INSPECH Assessment automates workflows, slashing the time it takes to transform inspector insights into tangible results.

Enriched by AI, it not only expedites inspections but also empowers professionals to elevate their judgement, backed by data-driven insights. Road data, collected with professional camera equipment or a simple GoPro, is uploaded to INSPECH Assessment, that swiftly generates an interactive digital twin on a dynamic map. This advanced map isn't just a visual representation; it's an editable canvas, enhancing and speeding up your inspection capabilities.

Road Assessment Tool

Created by road inspectors for road inspectors, our cutting-edge digital inspection tool automates workflows, shortening the route from data to results.

INSPECH Insights

|  Understanding the effectiveness of maintenance

INSPECH Insights is designed to redefine how road owners make strategic decisions about their assets by providing a comprehensive understanding of asset reliability and availability, revolutionizing road infrastructure management.

With the ability to self-collect data using GoPro cameras and effortlessly create interactive digital twins, road owners are equipped with cutting-edge tools to optimize operational strategies and elevate collaboration among stakeholders. Tailored for road asset managers and stakeholders, INSPECH Insights not just reshapes the landscape of road infrastructure oversight, it paves the way for more effective strategic operations and maintenance.

The effectiveness of road maintenance

By providing valuable data-driven insights into asset reliability and availability, users can optimize strategic operations and inspection processes.

Mia Groom

"Sustainable road infrastructure is at the heart of prosperity and growth for communities around the world. INSPECH is the essential resource for anyone seeking to understand the path towards optimal road condition."

Mia Groom, Product Manager INSPECH @ BrainCreators