|   Digital road inspection

Automatically identify defects in road surface
Optimize road maintenance
Sustain infrastructure at a lower cost

With INSPECH, which can be deployed 24/7, you benefit from a significantly shorter lead time, reducing your costs along the way. The system also detects side objects and you always have access to full reports.


The solution for  ROAD INSPECTIONS

INSPECH Road Damage Detection


Highly accurate and consistent Digital Inspectors, based on Artificial Intelligence take over human repetitive tasks by rapidly analyzing recorded video images of the road surface and classifying defects.

Ideal for:
Infrastructure Inspection Organizations

Operated by:
Maintenance engineers
Asset managers

Starting at (per lane):   
35 p/km  $ 50 p/mile


INSPECH Interactive map Viewer


Easy-to-use software to import existing road damage data and obtain applicable insights fast and easy due to the highly interactive and visualized interface.

Ideal for:
National, provincial, regional and local governments

Operated by:
Maintenance engineers
Asset managers

Starting at (per lane):   
0.99 p/km  $ 1.49 p/mile

Inspections that used to take months are now
done in a matter of hours. Simultaneously.

|   INSPECH automates

  • The inspection of asphalt and concrete pavements;
  • Detailed visual road inspections, in compliance with applicable regulations;
  • MicroPaver™ airport pavement inspections;
  • Minor maintenance inspection;
  • Winter damage inspection;
  • Measure and specification inspection;
  • Inspection for location-oriented maintenance.

|   Purposes

  • Capturing start, intermediate, and end situations;
  • Demonstrating quality;
  • Determining and updating fixed data;
  • Fulfilling the roadmaster responsibilities;
  • Demonstrating and assessing performance requirements
    in area and term maintenance contracts.

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