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About us.

INSPECH Headquarters, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

At INSPECH, we're redefining the landscape of road inspection and infrastructure management. Our story begins in the Netherlands, where we were founded by BRAINCREATORS, professionals in applied Artificial Intelligence, with the help of UNIHORN, a civil engineering company focused on improving infrastructure and public spaces.

|  Created by road professionals, for road professionals
What sets us apart is our focused alignment with the needs of the industry. INSPECH was born from the very challenges and nuances faced by road inspectors, asset managers, and stakeholders daily. We've created a digital environment that serves as a testament to our commitment: "Created with road professionals, for road professionals."

|  Our products
Our flagship solution, INSPECH Assessment, streamlines inspections and automates workflows. By combining high-definition data with AI-powered tools, it accelerates the path from data collection to reporting. Complementing this is INSPECH Insights, a solution designed to enhance road owners with real-time insights, data-driven decision-making tools, and the unique ability to "Collect your own data." Through interactive digital twins and collaborative features, it revolutionizes how road assets are managed and sets a new standard for collaboration in the industry.

|  Our commitment extends beyond innovation
We believe in bridging the skills gap and preserving the wisdom of road professionals. With INSPECH Assessment, the knowledge of inspectors is retained and leveraged long after they retire or move on, ensuring a continuum of expertise in the industry.

|  A new standard for collaboration
Moreover, we facilitate collaboration between stakeholders like never before. Clients with an INSPECH Insights subscription can seamlessly engage with civil engineering companies within our partner network. This collaborative effort expedites assessments, enhances transparency, and ultimately leads to more efficient road infrastructure management.

INSPECH is more than a technology company; we're a community of road professionals dedicated to transforming the way roads are inspected, managed, and maintained. Join us in this journey toward safer, more efficient, and sustainable road networks. Together, we're paving the way for a brighter future in road infrastructure management.

Created with road professionals, for road professionals.

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