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INSPECH Assessment

Redefining workflow automation.


Efficiency meets expertise.

Created with road inspectors for road inspectors, our cutting-edge digital inspection tool automates workflows, shortening the route from data to results. With AI augmentation, it empowers professionals, transforming insights into informed decisions. Upload road data, and INSPECH Assessment swiftly generates an interactive digital twin on an editable map – not just visual, but an interactive canvas enhancing your inspection capabilities.

Efficient Road Assessment

Workflow automation.

INSPECH Assessment is designed to greatly improve the inspection process, from data collection to inspection to reporting. At its core, INSPECH transforms traditionally time-consuming and manual tasks into streamlined processes. 

Improve inspection process


The moment data is uploaded INSPECH springs into action, automatically creating an interactive digital twin on an intuitive digital map, eliminating the need for tedious manual mapping and digitization. But it goes far beyond mere digital replication. It intelligently categorizes, organizes, and structures the collected data, presenting it in a manner that facilitates rapid analysis and decision-making, customized for professional users. 

Moreover, INSPECH Assessment enables road inspectors to focus on their specialized expertise rather than being distracted by boring repetitive manual work. The result? An inspection process that not only benefits from the speed, accuracy and consistency of automation but also respects and amplifies the role of human expertise. Workflow Automation within INSPECH Assessment is the driving force behind transforming road inspection into an effective collaboration between human intelligence and cutting-edge technology.

AI - Assisted Visual Inspection (AVI)

By integrating AI Assistance, INSPECH Assessment addresses a key challenge in the inspection domain: harnessing the power of AI without compromising the irreplaceable value of human oversight.

This optional add-on is not merely a tool; it's a transformative bridge that empowers road inspectors to navigate their tasks with unparalleled efficiency, enriched knowledge, and unwavering precision.

The AI Assistance is designed to amplify the capabilities of road inspectors and elevate the entire inspection process. This intelligent add-on synergizes seamlessly with human expertise as it offers real-time insights and recommendations it has learned from specialists in the industry. As road inspectors navigate through the intricate details of their assessments, the AI algorithms analyze

 the data on the fly, identifying potential issues that might escape the human eye, or simply confirm their work. INSPECH not only accelerates the inspection process but also introduces an additional layer of precision, ensuring no potential concern goes unnoticed.

Assisted visual road inspection


Keep your people safe.

INSPECH Assessment also safeguards the well-being of inspectors. Traditionally, road inspectors have had to navigate hazardous environments, often putting themselves at risk during on-site assessments. However, INSPECH Assessment fundamentally redefines this narrative and liberates inspectors from the need to be physically present on the road surface. This revolutionary shift is underpinned by INSPECH's ability to process data collected by HD cameras, enabling remote assessment from a safe location. 

This transformation also impacts efficiency and resource allocation. Inspectors can concentrate their efforts on analysis and decision-making rather than exposing themselves to potential danger. The platform's AI assistance further enhances this, providing insights and recommendations that refine the assessment process, all from a secure vantage point.

Retain domain knowledge.

In the ever-changing landscape of road inspection, the departure of experienced inspectors can often lead to a loss of invaluable domain knowledge. However, INSPECH Assessment disrupts this 

Automated road inspection


pattern by capturing and integrating the insights, techniques, and best practices of seasoned professionals into its AI models. 

This transformative process yields a dynamic repository of expertise that persists beyond the careers of individual inspectors. INSPECH becomes an embodiment of collective intelligence, seamlessly incorporating the insights of every contributor. When inspectors retire or move on, their expertise remains embedded within INSPECH Assessment, ensuring that their wisdom continues to guide future inspections and decisions.

'Closing the skills gap' has become some sort of a cliché, but INSPECH's ability to retain and deploy the expertise of human road inspectors carries profound implications for the continuity of knowledge and the sustained evolution of the field.

Enhanced collaboration

INSPECH Assessment enhances collaboration within the field of road inspection and asset management, transforming traditionally fragmented processes into a unified ecosystem of interaction and decision-making.

Moreover, asset managers with an INSPECH Insights subscription can review and approve your inspections within the same platform, infusing their strategic insights into the assessment process. This direct involvement ensures alignment between ground-level observations and overarching asset management strategies. In other words, it bridges the gap between inspection data and strategic choices, optimizing resource allocation and maintenance plans.

Collaborate more efficient

Created with road professionals, for road professionals.

Experience the future of road inspection.