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INSPECH Insights

Understanding the effectiveness of maintenance.


Revolutionizing road infrastructure maintenance.

INSPECH Insights is a solution tailored for road asset managers and road owners like local governments, ready to reshape how strategic decisions are made regarding road assets.

By providing valuable data-driven insights into asset reliability and availability, INSPECH Insights empowers users to optimize strategic operations and inspection processes. With the unique ability for users to collect and upload their own road data using GoPro cameras, the solution not only reduces costs but also enables the creation of interactive digital twins, fostering comprehensive reviews from the convenience of their desks.

INSPECH facilitates on-demand inspections through the expertise of professionals utilizing 'INSPECH Assessment', enhancing collaboration between stakeholders and revolutionizing road infrastructure maintenance with its unrivaled features: autonomous data collection, interactive digital twinning, insights into maintenance effectiveness, and elevated collaboration capabilities.

Collect your own data.

INSPECH Insights gives road owners a level of control and engagement that is truly transformative. Using a simple, affordable GoPro camera, road owners can independently collect critical first-hand road data. Through this process, an interactive digital twin of the road network is generated, offering a virtual representation that mirrors the actual conditions on the ground.

This self-captured data opens avenues for collaboration and expertise. Road owners can choose to conduct their own visual assessments or request on-demand inspections by professionals, utilizing the INSPECH Assessment tool. Engineering companies or specialized parties can use the data-rich digital twin and perform professional assessments, providing in-depth insights in compliance with local standards.

Use a GoPro to collect your own data

Interactive digital twin.

While most solutions offer static digital replicas, our Interactive Digital Twin thrives on user engagement, setting INSPECH Insights miles ahead of its competitors. 

The interactive digital twin

Unlike those static representations, our interactive digital twin is an immersive, dynamic replica of the road network, replete with data, details, and insights. The power of this interactivity lies in its ability to enable real-time exploration and analysis. Users can zoom into specific sections, inspect minute details, and virtually move through the digital twin as if they were physically present. This means that the understanding of road conditions, asset status, and potential issues is comprehensive and instant.

Understand the effectiveness of maintenance.

Understanding the effectiveness of maintenance is crucial to sustaining optimal conditions and minimizing costs. This is precisely where INSPECH Insights emerges as an indispensable tool, providing a comprehensive framework to grasp the true impact of maintenance efforts.

INSPECH's capabilities are designed to bridge the gap between the execution of maintenance strategies and their real-world consequences. By utilizing the collected data and the interactive digital twin, road owners gain unparalleled insights into how various maintenance actions translate into tangible outcomes on the road network.

The ability to measure the effectiveness of maintenance increases accountability. Road owners can objectively assess the impact of 

Understanding the bigger picture of your maintenance efforts

their maintenance activities and communicate results to stakeholders with clarity and confidence. This transparency builds trust and reinforces the commitment to continuous improvement.

Elevate collaboration between stakeholders.

Through the interactive digital twin and autonomous data collection capabilities, INSPECH Insights breaks down the barriers that often hinder meaningful and necessary collaboration. Road owners, asset managers, and third-party professionals, are brought onto a common platform that enables them to collectively engage with road data and insights. This collaborative environment is a game-changer for several reasons. 

Firstly, INSPECH Insights offers a singular hub where everyone can access the same real-time data, insights, and visual representations of the road network. This shared understanding fosters better communication and aligns perspectives. 

Secondly, INSPECH Insights stimulates a culture of transparency and accountability. As stakeholders collaborate in evaluating maintenance strategies and reviewing inspection results, trust is nurtured. This transparency, coupled with the ability to track the effectiveness of decisions over time, empowers stakeholders to collectively own the success of road infrastructure management.

In essence, INSPECH Insights transforms collaboration between stakeholders from a mere exchange of information into a dynamic, collaborative partnership. It acts as a catalyst that transforms collaboration between stakeholders into a force of synergy and success.

Efficient stakeholder collaboration

Created with road professionals, for road professionals.

Experience the future of road inspection.